Special Report

December 6, 2011 by Phillip Gottelf / Tags:

The Wall Street Journal front page carries the story, “Layoffs Deepen Gloom,” and the DOW Jones Industrial Average continued zooming upward this morning on prospects of a debt ceiling compromise. The apparent disconnect between the faltering economy and investor enthusiasm raises an important parallel between the current stall and the devastating 1932/33 market plunge into

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Corporate Carnage Continues

January 24, 2002 by Phillip Gottelf / Tags: , , ,

I am not inclined to dwell on the subject since I have already covered the economic situation in previous REPORTS.  However, in advance of potential FED inaction the January 24th Wall Street Journal “What’s News” column reads like a corporate earnings obituary. “Boeing earnings sank almost 80%… Merrill Lynch reported a $1.26 billion quarterly loss… 

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Markets Gripped by Terror

September 13, 2001 by Phillip Gottelf / Tags: , , , ,

Markets Gripped By Terror This cannot be a usual SPECIAL REPORT. An act as dramatic and unthinkable as Pearl Harbor has brought us to the brink of another world war. Global structure has changed and the political landscape is far different from sixty years ago. Yet, the potential for world conflict is every bit as

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