Philip Gotthelf

Philip Gotthelf publishes the COMMODEX® System and COMMODITY FUTURES FORECAST® Service. He is also President of EQUIDEX Incorporated (registered Commodity Trading Advisor) and EQUIDEX Brokerage Group, Inc. (registered Introducing Broker). Mr. Gotthelf is a graduate of Lehigh University with a B.S. in Economics and Finance and a minor in statistics.

He is known for extensive work in the futures industry and is the son of world renowned Edward B. Gotthelf, developer of the COMMODEX® trading methods. Philip Gotthelf’s works have appeared in major industry publications including FUTURES MAGAZINE (formerly COMMODITIES), INVESTING, STOCKS & COMMODITIES, TOP FARMER, PRO PRODUCER, BARRON’S, and ENERGY IN THE NEWS. He is quoted regularly in BARRON’S, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, THE NEW YORK TIMES, FORTUNE, FORBES, U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, MONEY, and has acted as consultant to major financial and consumer publications. He is a regular guest on CNBC, MS-NBC, The Cable News Network (CNN), and appeared on The NBC TODAY SHOW and NBC Nightly News. He has also been featured on THE WALL STREET JOURNAL REPORT, CBS, ABC, and FOX News.

As editor of the COMMODITY FUTURES FORECAST® Service, he has a reputation for uncanny accuracy. Among his notable forecasts were the October "Crash of ’87," precise currency predictions since such futures opened in 1972, an exceptional record for interim and long term interest rate moves, and exact calls on tops and bottoms in meats, grains, sugar, precious metals and coffee. His first book, Techno Fundamental Trading (Probus Press/McGraw Hill) provides a basic "from the ground up" education in commodity markets and uniquely links technical and fundamental analysis in clear, concise language and examples.

Mr. Gotthelf completed The New Precious Metals Market (McGraw Hill) in March, 1997 which was released in January, 1998. His predictions for declining gold and silver prices and rising platinum and palladium have been astoundingly accurate. Mr. Gotthelf has acted as an advocate for investors by warning about precious metals and related scams. In a CNBC appearance, Mr. Gotthelf warned about the claims made by the Canadian upstart, Bre-X, well in advance of the discovery of assay fraud.

Philip Gotthelf’s "creative computer applications" have been used by substantial firms for developing proprietary trading models and hedging programs. In particular, Philip Gotthelf is known for developing "Inventory Income Enhancement Programs" (IIEPs) for energy companies, banks, money managers, farmers and institutional traders. These programs are designed to increase revenues through scientific commodity options strategies. Mr. Gotthelf is also responsible for developing Yield Enhancement Programs (YEPs) for financial institutions (featured in INVESTING magazine, 1989).

He has been the primary speaker for the annual "Technical Analysis & Systems Trading of Energy Futures" seminars that have been sponsored by a variety of firms and educational institutions and he is the contributing author of the Technical Analysis chapter of PennWell Books’ ENERGY FUTURES text.

His COMMODEX System is the oldest daily futures trading system published in the world. The remarkable record spans more than 40 years. In independent surveys of COMMODEX performance, the system has been consistently rated in the top 5% of all available services. Therefore, COMMODEX has the most consistently profitable and time-proven record in the industry.

COMMODITY FUTURES FORECAST has an equally impressive record as a published service. Dating back to 1956, the forty-five year history has caught every major move since inception. The FORECAST combines highly accurate COMMODEX technical signals with fundamental analysis to produce a unique techno-fundamental approach to commodities. Both services have the distinction of being the first to successfully track financial futures, stock indices, and energy markets.

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